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Our overall experience spans a broad spectrum, both technically and in terms of industry, and we can contribute with a holistic view that is otherwise difficult to find.
Cloud Migrations
We help with transferring monolith based architecture into scalable, high performance and redundant microservices.
Nasable can help with integration strategy, architecture, platforms, development, etc... We handle old and new, internal and external, small and large volumes of industry specific projects.
From security reviews to pentesting. We make sure your application is secure against external threads. We also make sure that your infrastructure has the protection it needs.
Project Management
Nasable's strength is the management of technology-intensive projects where the focus is on development, integration, and security in complex and international projects.
We attach great importance to getting to know you as a customer in order to be able to market you to the candidate and consultancy target group.


Includes but no limited to the following

Our team

A group of highly talented and well experienced freelancers ready to transform your ideas into high quality tech products .We started as a small security team back in 2007 and branched out to gain expertise in different domains, every member of our team has worked in security, as a full-stack developer, a team manager. Giving us great ability to solve different kinds of problems.

Currently, our members are located in around the world including Europe, South America, and Asia, ensuring that you’re covered all the time wherever you are.

Our Founders

Noräs Salman

CEO & Co-founder

Mahran Emeiri


Ash Shatrieh


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